Colour Trends

Throwback Brights

Calling all '80s and '90s kids: this unique wedding colour palette is a game-changer if you're looking for something that's entirely unexpected (with a hint of nostalgia). Fuchsia, yellow, teal, bright red, and cobalt are some of the new wedding colours you can expect to see everywhere in 2021. But rather than choosing just one of these as your wedding colour, the trend will be to use a combination of them, resulting in a palette that's bold and non-traditional.

bride stands in front of flower curtain backdrop showcasing wedding colors 2021 bright yellow pink red green


Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Fashion

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trendy unique indoor wedding reception venue (Hotel Emma courtyard San Antonio) with ivy growing on walls


closeup of fresh fruit wedding reception centerpiece sliced papaya and pink flowers

Lilac and Lavender

outdoor reception tablescape showcasing 2021 wedding colors light purple pink tall candles gold brass accents


outdoor Indian wedding ceremony mandap decorated with yellow marigolds flowers garlands and bright blue upholstered chairs

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