We will work with you on a bespoke basis to create your matching stationery. Depending on your vision and budget, we can create various day items to feature throughout your day —

Order of Service

The order of service/ceremony booklet is used for the ceremony and contains the names of the bridal party, name of the officiant, the plan and songs, music etc. These differ greatly between various religions and can also be used for civil ceremonies.


A schedule of the days events for super-organised couples. Particularly helpful if you have lots of things planned, or a venue with many rooms.

Table plan

Table plans are on display at the entrance of the reception area with a plan of the table layout so they can easily find their seat. These can be combined with guest name cards and table names.

Guest name cards

Name cards are placed at the seat of each guest and inform them where to sit. These can form part of a favour left for each guest.

Table names

Placed on each table, table names are used to identify the table to your guests.


A luxury item informs guests of the meal ahead. It can contain the food options or the set menu and choices for those with dietary restrictions. Can be combined with table names.



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