In a world where life is so fast paced and digitised, with the expectation to perform and achieve at lightning speed ~ slowing down and really appreciating the key details, is more memorable, pleasurable, and necessary than ever. 

We've stripped everything back and kept only the purposeful elements. We've minimised them for maximum impact. We've removed the frills, and buried the overabundance of details ~ all that remains are the most simplistic, stand-out elements that have a reason to be there. We really believe that less is more. 

We're encouraging you to take a conscious approach as to what you buy. We want you to buy less. We want you buy better. All our products have a purpose, and will make your life easier when it comes to planning your next event.


Plan ahead, buy ahead. 

We're asking you to take a conscious approach to the choices you make to create a calmer, happier and more enjoyable occasion, for you. Always plan ahead. There is nothing worse than leaving everything to the last minute. Even if you manage to pull it off. You will not enjoy this occasion a single bit.

Enjoying the moment rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to fit everything into a 2 hour children's party. Only to be left exhausted with a party hall to clear away in 15 minutes before the next party arrives.

I don't know anyone who finds this enjoyable. I didn't find this enjoyable. I've been that mum, and realised its time to stop. Stop performing, and start enjoying. It was time to focus on the raw elements of what made our celebrations and remove the tat. We don't need to spend hundreds of pounds on balloon arches and fancy cakes; the key to enjoying this celebrations, is to enjoy them whilst they unfold; not running around like a headless chicken trying to balance a hundred spinning plates. Our products allow you to prepare ahead and plan for your occasion, so you can relax and enjoy the celebration.



We've become obsessed with throw-away objects. We're led to believe that if we pack as much into the shortest space of time, we will be living an exciting and fulfilled life. Do you feel this way? Or do you feel pressured to over-produce, pay what you can't afford and become exhausted in the process, dreading the next one. This cycle needs to stop. But it doesn't have to be unsightly.

To live calmer, to live with less and to live in the moment with minimalist details.

Enhance the focal points, keep the colours simple; keep the decoration simple. Keep the food simple. Keep the cake simple. A.3 year old child does not need a 4 tier cake, appropriate for a 100 guest wedding. Instagram has a lot to answer for.

The key to living a calmer and happier, and enjoying those special moments is to slow down, plan more and take on less.


Slow Design is not about pace, it is a mindset. The goal is not necessarily to slow everything down, but reestablish our natural pace. Sometimes it is necessary to use more time in order to do things right.


Developing a garment or piece with an emotional connection is also, costumers will keep an article of clothing longer than one season if it sparks joy.

Caring for nature and people are central. Preferably local craftsmanship is the counterweight to mass production and a consumer behaviour that has lost its proportions worldwide. 

  • Producing and stocking less items: limiting waste by not overstocking and also using pattern cutting techniques that produce less fabric waste.
  • Waste control - using deadstock for new garments and leftover fabric pieces for alternative use. The idea is to avoid fabric waste.
  • Choosing quality fabrics - if the fabric is not high quality the product won’t last. The fabric should be sustainable, organic, natural or certified, tested.
  • Urging costumers not to buy low quality, cheap products just because it's on sale or it's cheap. Think about the real cost of that piece.
  • Respecting our environment and nature.
  • Respecting labor.
  • Taking care of our belongings.